Blossom - Vase

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The Blossom vase creates a dreamy aura with its flower-like structure and conjures up an idyllic oasis of well-being in every home. 

Recycled Materials
Individually made for you
Made in Germany

Size: 1: ø 9 cm - Height 14 cm

Size: 1: ø 9 cm - Height 14 cm
1: ø 9 cm - Height 14 cm
2: ø 14 cm - Height 16 cm

Colour: Arctic White

Arctic White
Moonlight Grey
Stone Grey
Midnight Black
Dune Beige
Pebble Taupe
Hazel Brown
Golden Orange
Funky Yellow
Coral Rose
Ruby Red
Nebula Purple
Polar Blue
Ocean Blue
Pistachio Green
Forest Green
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The Blossom vase boasts an elegant design, reflected in its flower-like structure. This unique appearance gives the Blossom a dreamy charm, creating an idyllic oasis of comfort. The tall form perfectly complements large flower bouquets, artificial flower arrangements, or simple Pampas grass. The Blossom can be combined with other vases and home accessories or stand alone as a decorative statement object that captures attention.


Material Recycled food packaging waste (rPLA, post-industrial)


Blossom 1: Ø 9 cm, Height 14 cm

Blossom 2: Ø 14 cm, Height 16 cm


Blossom 1: 0.5 kg

Blossom 2: 0.7 kg

Manufacturing country Germany

Glass insert included

Notice Do not expose to heat higher than 60°C.

The special feature of the products: All design objects are manufactured in northern Germany using mainly recycled materials through additive manufacturing. Every vase is meticulously quality-checked and thoughtfully hand-packaged.

Care & Usage

A little care goes a long way.

recozy design objects are characterised by circular design, functionality and durability. To extend the vases' lifespan and keep them in good condition for a long time, a little care goes a long way.

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Our Promise

Circular Design

recozy designs are circular and realised through timeless collections.

Including Glass Insert

With the included glass insert, fresh-cut flowers can be placed in water.

Recycled Materials

The Blossom vase is mainly made from recycled materials.

recozy Design Studio

Our design studio specialises in the development of high-quality home accessories and furniture. The aesthetic of our products is characterised by clean lines, elegant curves, and timeless design, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into any interior and create a harmonious living atmosphere.

Our team works with passion and dedication on the concept of circular products, which are not only distinguished by a stylish design language but also defined by their durability. Serving as a crucial interface between internal production processes and designers, our design studio brings cross-industry experience and integrates the creative and digital expertise of other design studios into recozy's design language.