Product story: Lupo

Sketch drawing of various Lupo table lamps.

The Lupo table lamp was developed by the Cologne designer Moritz Putzier in cooperation with the Recozy design studio. This stylish table lamp combines functionality with aesthetic design and embodies a simple yet exclusive addition to any desk or office.

On the one hand, creating this table lamp was primarily characterised by its feasibility in the additive manufacturing process. On the other hand, a functional everyday light played an important role. Lupo's guiding principle was: "small, but with a strong personality," said Putzier. With its likeable and symbolic shape, the Lupo has a high recognition value and creates a unique ambient light thanks to the diffuser on both sides.

The upright shape of the Lupo combines a practical design with timeless elegance and is reminiscent of a magnifying glass. Its clean look can be perfectly integrated into various rooms and bathes every room in a bright, warm light. Direct light or indirect lighting? With Lupo, both functions are combined into one product. Due to the diffuser being aligned on both sides, the Lupo can be used as a desk or reading lamp, simultaneously creating a cosy, feel-good light.

Lupo can be used flexibly and, thanks to its compact size, is an excellent addition to any household, even if there is little space - on the bedside table, the window sill, the shelf, or the desk. Above all, the light projection on both sides makes the Lupo special, and the functional idea of ​​this lamp is combined with an atmospheric lighting idea.

A portrait photo of the Cologne designer Moritz Putzier.

About the designer: STUDIO MORITZ PUTZIER is a multidisciplinary design office based in Cologne. The design services focus on furniture and lighting as well as user-oriented products and furnishing concepts.

Product designer Moritz Putzier, who was born in Munich and studied at the University of the Arts in Bremen, now lives and works in Cologne. Already during his studies, Putzier was able to develop the first drafts ready for series production and bring them to market with partners from the furniture industry. With his studio for product design, founded in 2015, he has already received several design awards. Also as a "Newcomer Finalist 2016" of the German Design Awards. Moritz Putzier's projects range from furniture and lighting designs to the design of user-oriented industrial products and room concepts. All these areas combine his often playful passion for detail as well as the fascination for technology Refinements He always sees design as a link between people and their environment.