We want to drive change.

An intact environment and a fair society are fundamental prerequisites for a good and progressive life on our planet. Therefore, at recozy, business decisions are not made solely from an economic perspective. We strive to address significant challenges and create value through actions beyond pure profit. Whether it's social cohesion, climate change, or waste problems, as a society, we face the challenge more than ever to make our actions more sustainable.

recozy was founded to actively influence the transition to a more sustainable furniture business and make decisions that consider ecological and social aspects. We aim to create value for the environment and society beyond industry boundaries.


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We take Responsibility

recozy design objects are produced in our design studio in Northern Germany. For the production of all products, mainly recycled materials and energy-efficient and resource-saving 3D printers are used. This way, we want to actively influence the transition to a more sustainable furniture industry because sustainability is not just about compensating for emissions. For us, sustainability means securing the lives of future generations.

Any questions?

What does recozy mean?

recozy represents several ideals, which are reflected in the name of the brand:

re: reduce. recycle. recozy. – Focus on the necessities, avoid wasting resources and use mainly recycled materials.

eco: Circular value creation, climate-neutral made-to-order production in Germany and short supply chains.

cozy: Modern and timeless design, cosy living atmosphere and individual manufacturing.

What are the products made of?

The design objects are made of mainly recycled materials and composite materials. Find out more

How and where are the products manufactured?

The design objects are additively made in northern Germany. 3D printing allows for the efficient and energy-effective manufacture of made-to-order products. This conserves resources such as electricity, storage space and associated emissions.