Circular Design and innovative Production Processes

We are more creative as a team. recozy transforms the way extraordinary designs are commercialised. Our in-house design studio works with talented designers and design studios to produce authentic design objects, develop products independently, and keep an eye on new trends.

Circular Design

recozy products represent circular design. It means we already think beyond the lifecycle: Our design process includes selecting materials, manufacturing and using products, and recycling.

Our design objects are made mainly from recycled materials, which we procure locally whenever possible. Additionally, we focus on the modular construction of products, which allows easy separation of materials and the ability to disassemble each design object into its components at the end of its life cycle. Once our partners have treated the materials, we can use them again and integrate them into a new product.

Additive Manufacturing

All design objects are made-to-order and manufactured in Northern Germany using additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. This production method offers numerous benefits, such as low waste creation, resource conservation and energy efficiency. Additionally, 3D printing allows the creation of highly detailed and intricate designs, making it a superior manufacturing process. recozy design objects can be uniquely customised in size and colour depending on the product category.