Our brand - our mission

The recognition value of our brand is not only defined by our products and mission, the visual feature - our logo - also plays a decisive role. We at Recozy stand for sustainability paired with technology, individuality and design.
Whether manufactured in our own Recozy design studio or in close cooperation with talented designers - we create unique design objects from recycled materials with the aim of creating a cozy feel-good atmosphere for your home.
The Recozy brand logo is not just a design element. Rather, it combines our sustainable mission of becoming climate-positive and the additive manufacturing process with which our products are created. With the help of complex manufacturing processes in 3D printing, our products are created in a detailed and unique way and are also manufactured in a climate-neutral manner.

Recozy embodies several beliefs reflected in the brand name:

  • Re: Reduce. recycle Recozy. – Focusing on the essentials, no unnecessary binding of material, use of mostly recycled materials.
  • eco: Circular value creation, climate-neutral production to order, production in Germany and short supply chains.
  • cozy: Modern and timeless design, cozy living and individual production.