The recognition value of our brand is not only defined by our products and mission; the visual feature - our logo - also plays a decisive role. We at recozy stand for sustainable environmental awareness paired with innovation, individuality and design. Whether manufactured in our own recozy Design Studio or close cooperation with international designers - we design unique products from recycled materials to create a cosy, feel-good atmosphere at home.

The recozy brand logo is not just a design element; it also connects our sustainable mission to become climate-positive and the additive manufacturing process with which our products are created. With the help of complex manufacturing processes in 3D printing, our products are made in a detailed and unique way. They are also manufactured in a climate-neutral manner and with the finest craftsmanship.

recozy follows several principles that are reflected in the brand name:

"re": reduce. recycle recozy. We believe that consumer goods must be both recyclable and made from recyclates - i.e. made from recycled materials. Currently, the materials we use are all 100% recyclable; shortly, we aim to switch to only recycled materials.

"eco": We try to operate as sustainably as possible. The focus is on environmentally friendly materials, climate neutrality and circular economy.

"cozy": Unique home design products are a must for us. We aim to create a sustainable living experience. We create unique product collections in the recozy Design Studio or cooperation with international designers.