How and where is the lamp made?
We develop & manufacture all products here in Northern Germany. With state-of-the-art technologies such as 3D printing, CNC or robotics, we create sustainable, resource-saving production. The result: New forms and unique structures.

Is a light bulb included?
Yes! We enclose a current bathing LED bulb with an output of 5 watts with each of our lights. Each lamp can be dimmed in 3 stages.

How long is the included cable?
Our specially made textile cable (available in 3 colors) is 1.50m long. The switch follows 40cm after the beginning of the cable.

Can I change the bulb?
Yes, you can easily install the bulb (E14) of your choice. However, the lamp is only designed for LED lamps due to its material. Halogen light bulbs generate too much heat, so the product may deform.