Resource Efficiency and Waste Utilisation

recozy design objects are made mainly from recycled materials rather than newly manufactured ones. We focus on the circular economy and reject linear value production. At the same time, our goal is to set new standards in the furniture industry with innovative materials and to promote sustainable development.

Recycled Plastics

Over 90 per cent of the plastics used are recycled and processed from European waste.

Composite Materials

All materials are based on biological or recycled plastics mixed with recycled wood fibres, for example. We can also recycle them by type.


The vases and bowls are delivered with glass inserts, adding elegance and functionality to each piece.

Product Components

In addition, other components such as textile cables, sockets and LED bulbs are used.

Supply Chain

Our product components, such as textile cables, glass inserts, and materials, are sourced from European suppliers. The recycled plastics and composite materials are procured from Germany and the Benelux countries. The textile cables are produced in Italy, while the glass inserts for our vases and bowls are made in Europe as well. We occasionally rely on international suppliers, such as LED bulbs and machine spare parts.