Matthias Seitz

Matthias Seitz is a highly innovative product designer who believes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. He thinks a great product should look aesthetically pleasing and be highly functional and intuitive. Seitz’s design philosophy revolves around creating products that simplify people's lives by solving their problems simply and elegantly. He focuses on identifying the core needs of his customers and then using his creativity to design products that address those needs in the most efficient and user-friendly way possible.

The designs are characterised by their clean lines, minimalistic features and the use of high-quality materials that ensure longevity and durability. The products are functional and designed to blend seamlessly into any environment, whether a modern office or a traditional home.

In summary, Seitz's design philosophy is about creating simple, intuitive and elegant products that improve people's lives. His products are a reflection of his innovative thinking and attention to detail, and they continue to inspire and delight customers all over the world.

Interview with Matthias Seitz

I've always had an interest in art, design and creativity. As a child, I enjoyed drawing and painting and later on, I developed my skills in graphic design and other creative fields. I chose to focus on design because it allows me to pursue my passion for creativity while addressing real-world issues and improving our surroundings. I also value collaborating with professionals from various industries and working together on creative projects.

My design philosophy focuses on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions that suit the needs and requirements of people. It's essential to work closely with clients and other team members to understand the problems that a design project is meant to address. To make sure that the products and services that I build are simple, sustainable and user-friendly, I also give these factors a lot of consideration.

I draw inspiration from many things, including nature, art, music, travel and the work of other designers. It's essential to remain open-minded and continually seek out new ideas and perspectives to expand my creativity and thinking. Additionally, I find inspiration in each design project's challenges, and I strive to discover innovative solutions to overcome them and create unique, engaging designs.

As a creative, one of the biggest challenges in daily life is optimising one's creative process and ensuring that one always has fresh and innovative ideas. Balancing creativity with real-world constraints like budgets and schedules can also be challenging. Collaboration with clients and team members can present challenges wildly when conflicting views or expectations exist. Additionally, many creatives need help handling criticism and maintaining their confidence when a design is not initially well-received.

In my design process, sustainability is a crucial factor. It is our duty as designers to develop sustainable, long-lasting solutions that protect the environment and our planet's natural resources. I try to use resources and materials as effectively as possible while reducing my designs' ecological impact. I prefer working with local suppliers and sustainable, long-lasting materials to reduce transportation distances. I see sustainability as a crucial aspect of design and seek to promote sustainable design among my clients and the general public.

My recipe for success is to work hard, challenge myself and never give up. I believe that success is based on a combination of talent, passion and perseverance. I strive to continually develop and improve my skills by learning new things and taking on new challenges. I set realistic goals and work diligently to achieve them while also being open to learning from my mistakes and making necessary adjustments. I also believe in maintaining a positive attitude, helping and learning from others to share my accomplishments.

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