We respect people and planet.

As a society, we face the challenge of making our behaviours more sustainable. Both manufacturers and consumers are expected to consider how their choices may affect people and the environment.

recozy looks beyond the box to contribute as much as possible to the shift towards a more sustainable world: As a producer, we act in harmony with people and the environment while providing our clients with a self-determined and aware buying experience.

Here you can discover more about what motivates us and how we work.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with a transparent and conscious buying experience that adds ecological and social value.

We are aware that business decisions have broad implications. As a result, recozy considers the impact of each choice on people and the environment. We are convinced that our sector satisfies all the requirements for a sustainable business. As a result, recozy‘s three central pillars are sustainability, technology and design.

Can we still improve what we do?

Definitely. Concerning production and our commitment to acting harmoniously with people and the environment, we want to maximise our contribution to a more sustainable world. To do this, recozy is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which aim to achieve sustainable development in terms of economy, ecology and social issues worldwide by 2030.

Our business activities contribute in particular to the following goals:

See for yourself

recozy design objects are unique. Additive manufacturing processes enable a distinctive surface structure and a very high level of detail. In addition, all products can be individually customised, as is otherwise only possible in a local artisan's workshop. They are individually made in our design studio in northern Germany.