Studio Moritz Putzier

STUDIO MORITZ PUTZIER is a multidisciplinary design studio located in Cologne. The studio specialises in furniture, lighting, user-oriented products and interior concepts.

Moritz Putzier, born in 1986 in Munich, moved to northern Germany in 2007 to study at the University of the Arts Bremen. During the final years of his studies, he gained freelance experience working for various designers. He established his studio immediately after graduation in 2014. Despite being a young designer, Putzier has already earned several distinctions, including the Design Plus Award and first prize in the Pure Talents Contest. In 2015, he was selected as one of the Newcomer Finalists for the prestigious German Design Award 2016.

His work mainly focuses on furniture, lighting and user-oriented product design intended to address everyday problems. His products combine simple shapes with natural materials, often featuring small technical innovations. He describes his design as something with a "little twist" that prefers to remain hidden rather than vying for attention, defining itself through playful engagement with detail. His objects are driven by the desire to connect with people.

Interview with Moritz Putzier

Even while I was a student at Bremen's University of the Arts, I worked as a freelancer for several designers. I created my designs and collaborated with business partners in the furniture sector to bring them to market. I established my studio right away after finishing my studies.

My work focuses on lighting and furniture, as well as user-oriented product design aimed at solving common issues. I also specialise in creating user-friendly products and architectural designs, combining my lighthearted attention to detail with interest in technological sophistication. My products aim to blend simple forms with natural materials and incorporate a subtle twist that defines a hidden aesthetic rather than drawing attention to itself.

I always understand design as a link between people and their environment. I like it when users interact with objects that don't reveal all the details at first glance and when they have to discover them to find out how a product works. It's like getting to know someone.

"Just making something beautiful" is not what design is all about. Therefore, the most difficult tasks for me involve explaining the importance and utility of good product design. It balances one's concepts and goals and those of the project's collaborators. Additionally, it calls for perseverance and willingness to make compromises. I'm constantly looking for a unique aesthetic when creating products, although it can be challenging to achieve, mainly because only some manufacturers do it.

Sustainable living includes more than just materials and manufacturing techniques. In my opinion, this aspect is now a given in product design and automatically contributes to the design process. Instead of focusing on what new things to create, we should think more about what not to make. In a nutshell, there is too much, and consumption needs to drop. A product's sustainability might need to be more on its own.

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