Loom - Side table

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The Loom side table combines elegance with functionality. The elliptical design gives the table a simple yet elegant expression and provides plenty of storage space.

  Recycled materials
  Digital product passport
  Made in Germany

Farbe: Wood

Anthracite Black
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A continuous line distinguishes the Loom side table and offers plenty of storage space through its elliptical cavity, making it perfect for storing blankets, books and magazines. The unique design language gives the oval surface a simple yet elegant expression, keeping everyday essentials within reach.



Wood: Recycled food packaging waste blended with recycled wood fibres (rPLA, post-industrial)

Anthracite Black: Recycled consumer waste (rPP, post-consumer), suitable for outdoor use

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Loom Side table 1: 44 cm x 36 cm x 46 cm

Loom Side table 2: 50 cm x 38 cm x 33 cm

Weight Wood

Loom Side table 1 : 3.9 kg

Loom Side table 2: 3.6 kg

Weight Anthracite Black

Loom Side table 1 : 3 kg

Loom Side table 2: 3 kg

Manufacturing country Germany

Notice Do not expose to heat higher than 60°C.

The special feature of the products: All design objects are manufactured in northern Germany using mainly recycled materials through additive manufacturing. Every furniture piece is meticulously quality-checked and thoughtfully hand-packaged.

Care & Usage

A little care goes a long way.

recozy design objects are characterised by circular design, functionality and durability. To extend the vases' lifespan and keep them in good condition for a long time, a little care goes a long way.

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Our Promise

Iconic Award Winner

The German Design Council honoured the Loom Collection in the category of Innovative Interior.

Circular Design

recozy designs are circular and realised through timeless collections.

Digital Product Passport

Hold your smartphone next to the NFC chip and discover detailed information about the recozy furniture piece.

Recycled Materials

The Loom collection is made from recycled materials.

Peter Otto Vosding

VOSDING Industrial Design is an industrial design company located in Cologne. The design studio creates products that combine functionality, elegance and value while incorporating a visible logic in their design. This logic is established early in the design process and can be derived from various aspects, such as geometry, function or materials usage.

As an industrial designer, Vosding can quickly immerse himself in new areas and design products of all kinds. His designs are characterised by an honest and clean aesthetic that covers the entire spectrum, from subtle servants to surprising and playful elements. The goal is always to create both necessary products and bring joy.