Digital Product Passport

For increased transparency, individual product information can be accessed via the NFC tag embedded in the base of the Drop side table.

Recycled Materials

The Drop side table is made from recycled food packaging combined with recycled wood fibers (rPLA, post-industrial).

Made in Germany

The Drop is made-to-order using additive manufacturing in our factory in Northern Germany.

Care & Usage

A little care goes a long way.

recozy design objects are characterised by circular design, functionality and durability. To extend the vases' lifespan and keep them in good condition for a long time, a little care goes a long way.

Care Guide German

Care Guide English

Digital Product Passport

For enhanced transparency, recozy collaborates with Each piece of furniture comes with an individual digital product passport aimed at promoting conscious resource management and supporting sustainable purchasing decisions.
Users gain access to product-specific information when a smartphone is brought near the NFC chip embedded in the furniture. This provides a detailed insight into manufacturing, materials used, usage and care instructions, and the recycling of the design object.

Designed by Deniz Aktay

Deniz Aktay placed a lot of attention on the aspects of creation, design and drafting during his studies in architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart. Throughout his entire professional career as an architect, he also incorporated these elements into his creative work.

For Deniz, good design means finding the ideal balance between proportions, materials and functionality. He achieves this by considering and combining creativity, simplicity, the proper arrangement of features and details and the materials used. "Designing a new product while taking into account all these factors is always an exciting challenge," according to Aktay.