recozy Exchange Program

recozy has been using a circular economic logic since its inception to operate as sustainably as possible. The recozy Exchange Program enables the appropriate recycling and reuse of the raw materials and components of all recozy products at the end of their life cycle. 

We take back design objects at the end of their life cycle to recycle their materials. We thank our customers with a corresponding value voucher for our online shop and take care of the shipping. New products can be created from recycled materials. Either scan the NFC tag directly if it is a furniture piece and follow the steps under the "Recycling" section or use the alternative version:

1. Registration

Send an email to and let us know which product it is.

2. Shipping Label & Discount

We will send you a shipping label. Once the product arrives, you will receive the Exchange discount for your next order.

3. Recycle & Reuse

Recycled plastics and composite materials, the main components of our products, are recycled and processed by our partners for reuse and sent back to us. Components such as textile cables or glass inserts are checked for quality and reused if possible. Otherwise, we take care of proper disposal.

Our Mission

Sustainability, technology and design are our central pillars.

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Recycled Materials

Resource efficiency and waste utilisation – we use recycled materials.

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Circular Products

recozy design objects are circular, timeless and created for eternity.

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About us

Learn more about what drives us and meet our team.

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