Circular Economy at recozy

Many resources on our planet are valuable and finite. Nevertheless, the behaviour of many producers and consumers tends towards a "throwaway society" where most products are not recycled at the end of their life cycle. Therefore, we focus on the circular economy at recozy.

The Issue of a linear Value Chain

Many resources on this planet are limited and becoming scarcer due to the growing world population contributing to the increasing demand for finite resources. Our current economic system is still heavily reliant on the usage of fossil fuels and is characterised by a linear value chain. It is viewed as a straightforward industrial process in which the necessary resources are extracted from nature, transformed into products and frequently thermally disposed of at the end of their life cycle. This has enormous impacts on the climate and environment, causing more greenhouse gas emissions than are required for reprocessing already used materials.

Why do we need a Circular Economy?

The implementation of a circular economy and the intelligent use of raw materials can lead to a reduction in emissions and energy conservation. By adopting a circular value chain, targeted recycling and longer-term resource utilisation, costs and emissions can be reduced. Moreover, the circular economy can promote innovation, increase the availability of raw materials and contribute to a long-term increase in the employment rate.

I want to recycle my Product.

Tastes change – that's just the way it is. At the end of their life cycle, we take back recozy design objects to recycle them. This is how we fulfil our responsibility as a manufacturer. Click on the button to learn more about the recozy Exchange Program.

Recycle my Product

Any questions?

What is the recozy Exchange Program?

The recozy Exchange Program enables the proper recycling and reuse of all recozy products' raw materials at the end of their life cycle.

How does the recozy Exchange Program work?

Either scan the NFC tag directly if it is a furniture piece and follow the steps under the "Recycling" section or use the alternative version by following these steps:

1. Registration

Send an email to and let us know which product it is.

2. Shipping Label & Discount

We will send you a shipping label. Once the product arrives, you will receive the Exchange discount for your next order.

3. Recycle & Reuse

Recycled plastics and composite materials, the main components of our products, are recycled and processed by our partners for reuse and sent back to us. Components such as textile cables or glass inserts are checked for quality and reused if possible. Otherwise, we take care of proper disposal.

What is a circular Value Chain?

A circular value chain aims to reuse and/or recycle materials and components of products in a closed system. This can help to preserve critical raw materials, prevent waste as much as possible, or prepare it for reuse.

Does recozy offer a secondary market for returned products?

Not currently. We plan to offer products with minor flaws or signs of use for re-purchase to extend their life cycle further. We will report when the time comes through our newsletter.

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